We believe life is one big adventure

We also believe everything is 100% more fun on bikes.


Roam Rydes started as a simple concept: find women with a passion for cycling and a story to tell. We have bootlegged our way from a small operation covering local riders to a successful podcast featuring guests from far away places and world renowned acclaim. 

Our goal is still simple... inspire more women to embrace their own potential through cycling.

Our guests are down to earth women and girls who would give you a hug rather than a handshake, they have authentic life-changing stories about cycling, and they want their experiences to resonate with our listeners so that maybe next time when the drop looks scary or the road seems long, one might say, 

If she can do it, so can I.


Ash Bocast is the creator and founder of Roam Rydes. Between podcasts, Ash limelights as a demo driver for a major women's cycling brand and tries to ride everyday with her four-legged trailmate Ryder. 

When a search for quality women's cycling podcast yielded sub-par results, Ash fell back on a long-ago audio production class taken in high school and ventured into the world of podcasts. The first few episodes were a challenge.

Recording with nothing more than an iPhone and some free software, the Roam Rydes podcast was launched with less than a dozen listeners. Undeterred, Ash continued to invest, interview, and post until slowly, the podcast gained momentum; today thousands listen from around the globe. 


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