Meet the #ROAMTRIBE. 

We believe that life should be one big adventure. 

We are also %100 positive life is more fun on a bike.

Our tribe of R O A M  R Y D E S ambassadors are passionate cyclists who strive to empower and encourage women and young ladies to get outside and ride, to do so confidently, to have fun, make friends, and to become active cycling advocates in their local communities.

We believe in the spirit of adventure, pushing limits, smiling at strangers, saying hello to every person we pass on trail, laughing with great friends, and a good cold beer after a long hard ride. Oh yeah, and we do hugs. We want to create the largest community of badass women cyclists the world has ever seen – a group of women who support one another in our endeavor to get outside and explore the world on two wheels. 

Wherever adventure takes us.