Kidical Mass

We've reached kidical mass.

There has been a shift in the way we raise our kids here in AMERICA.

Kids should be loved and adored. They should play with their parent’s iPhones from infancy lest they get behind the ever-changing technology. Preschool isn’t for four-year-olds anymore… a child should be potty-trained as quickly as possible so they can join the ranks of two-year-olds being marched into their educational careers before they can complete full sentences. Unstructured play? Weekends spent unplugged and out of wifi range in nature? Being let loose around the neighborhood with friends? Cardboard boxes that turn into space ships and pirate ships and cruise ships? Nah. That’s old school. And it is dangerous. 

Sound about right? 

As technology and social expectations have increasingly dictated parenting choices over the decades, kids being allowed to just be kids has become something of an anomaly. But there are parents out there who get the importance of giving their kids a skill-set that is as mentally healthy as it is physically, as challenging as it is rewarding, and as character building as it is community driven… enter things like cycling.

In this episode of the Roam Rydes podcast I had the pleasure of getting to know four young girls whose families are part of a growing community of people either holding on to family traditions that embrace the outdoors – or are making a conscious effort to allow their kids the fresh air and freedom to be active and daring in the beautiful backdrop of nature.

In a time period when cycling amongst children has been dropping at an alarming rate, and when young girls are socially encouraged to be preoccupied more with their looks and their cool factor than ever before, there are exceptions to the norms – talented and adventurous young girls who aren’t afraid to take a bump or a bruise in the name of fun.

Eva, Ellie, Cate and Macy are some of these exceptions… and they are exceptional to boot.  

As always, it is my hope that this podcast strikes a chord with our listeners. And I hope with this strike, our fans will start taking a good hard look at their cycling communities and whether or not there is anything being done to support kids getting on bikes. If not... let's do something! 



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