Minority Report

Brooklyn Bell shreds. Tacky Pacific Northwest dirt, fresh floaty powder, and I'm sure she'd rip on a surfboard too if the ocean in Washington wasn't so dang cold.

Brooklyn is the kind of young woman I would want my little girls to grow up to be like (if I had any). She's got grit and determination , an insatiable desire to explore outside, artistic talent, and a work ethic that's hard to come by with Generation Z'ers. Her megawatt smile is impossible to ignore and she's got a personality to go with it. 

In the cycling communities I've dabbled in across the US, women like Brooklyn are not unusual - powerful and playful female athletes are sprinkled throughout community groups, bike shops, and yes, even races. But Brooklyn, if you haven't noticed, doesn't outwardly fit the standard cyclist mold - she's black...and black people, not to mention black women, are as Brooklyn puts it, "like seeing a little black unicorn" when it comes to meeting cyclists of color out on the trails. 

In this episode, and in episodes to come, we are exploring race, culture, and community with cyclists like Brooklyn as part of our Minority Report series. Our hope? To shine light on inspiring women who are being the change they want to see in the world.