Getting paid to travel and ride bikes seems like some sort of aspirational dream job for a select crew of outrageously adventurous and ridiculously athletic folks that would be featured in Outside Magazine... but, there is a little known secret amongst the people who actually do get paid to travel and ride bikes -  that there is no secret formula to landing the job. 

It's pretty simple: 

  • Love the outdoors
  • Be genuine
  • Work hard
  • Like people
  • Be flexible
  • Make smart choices
  • Be a tour guide

In this episode of the Roam Rydes Podcast, we meet two ladies who have had successful careers as bicycle tour guides and they are sharing with us what YOU need to know to join them. 

Has this episode got you stoked? Check out the Be A Better Guide Project to study up on free guide training from the experts. Project Director Kelsey Tonner is a guide himself (and a damn good one, even if he is Canadian) and gives genuine and practical tips, tricks, and advice learned in the field. We are lucky to count Kelsey amongst our friends and fans and are thrilled with the opportunity to share all the awesome he brings to the world of adventure travel. Thanks for the hard work Kelsey!

Have more questions for Terrin or Kate? Want to tell them how great they are? We just ask you don't bombard them with, "Hey can you get me hired?" inquires - we can skip that step and just tell you to check out their employers websites!

Terrin: , Guide for Western Spirit

Kate:, Trip Leader for Backroads Active Travel