Bike Shop Bella

L-R: My sister Kalyn, Kelly, Me, and our singin' ridin' sweetheart Darby Wilcox

Finding a good friend can sometimes feel like winning the lottery. Or at least that's what it felt like for me when I met Kelly. Not only does she wrench on bikes as a mechanic...she loves to mountain bike...and she is all-around an incredibly fun, funny, and friggin' smart woman. The kind of person I like to be around in hopes some of those awesome qualities rub off. 

Kelly and I spend the vast majority of our time over the phone and in-person talking about bikes. Surprise, surprise. Kelly, like me, is opinionated, hopeful, and ambitious about the progression of women in cycling. 

We were chatting about ideas for the next Roam Rydes podcast when it struck me - Kelly is exactly the kind of person I was looking to interview for the next episode. Our official "podcast" convo lasted nearly two hours...and due to time constraints, I had to hack away at it to get to the core of what this particular episode is about - bike shops. 

We touch on the tip of the iceberg in this episode...but not to worry, there is way WAY more where this came from... stay tuned! 

Happy Shredding! 



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