March 20, 2017

Mountain Bike Coach Lindsey RichteR shares of loss, community, and hope in women's cycling podcast

Overcoming challenges is kind of Lindsey Richter's thing. But on a warm 4th of July evening, Lindsey was faced with a challenge she didn't know how to cope with -  losing her best friend, a pit bull rescue named Gracie, deep in the Wyoming wilderness. Listen to the Roam Rydes Podcast episode Finding Gracie to hear this epic story of survival. 


November 16, 2016

resiliency and determination a theme in cycling podcast episode rehab.recover.repeat. 

Some stories are as uplifting as they are heart-wrenching. On Roam Rydes, a podcast featuring women with a passion for cycling and a story to tell, we hear the story of Emily Haggans, a pro mechanic, guide, and coach whose life, if charted, has an uncanny resemblance to hill repeats. 


September 6, 2016

Minority Report: Women of Color the Focus of Cycling Podcast SerieS

Roam Rydes, a podcast featuring women with a passion for cycling and a story to tell, is launching several interviews in an ongoing series titled “Minority Report”. The series, which focuses on women of color who bike, is the first multi-episode endeavor for the popular women’s cycling podcast.


August 8, 2016

Bike 101 Podcast 'Cycology' Features Chamois Cream Expert Jill Hamilton

Cycology, a bike 101 podcast featuring expert women in the cycling industry, has released it's latest episode 'Using Chamois Cream' featuring Petal Power founder Jill Hamilton. Hamilton, who started her own chamois cream company focusing on natural and plant based ingredients, dishes out decades-worth of hard learned lessons to listeners on how to keep comfortable in the saddle.