Hi everyone, we’ve got some exciting news to share.

We have a new podcast series in the works and we want your input.

Cycology will feature expert women in the cycling industry whose sole purpose on the show is to help you learn more about bikes.

So, we need your questions. What do you want to know more about? What are you uncomfortable talking about to the boys at your local bike shop? What are you excited to gush about but you live in Timbuktu and no one around you rides?

We already have a few episodes planned covering topics like: buying your first bike, finding the right saddle, how do I get my ho-ha to stop hurting when I ride… that kind of stuff.

If you have a topic you would like to hear us cover, record your question (most of us have a voice memo feature or app), or you can message us…either one works so send your questions to roamrydes@gmail.com and we will work wiki wiki to find an expert to answer your questions. 

We are also looking for sponsors for this new podcast – if your business or organization might be interested…or you know of someone who might, contact us and we will send you info on how to get involved. 

Cycology episodes will be aired in-between our regular scheduled Roam Rydes podcast so you can get your bike podcast fix from us more often.

Speaking of Roam Rydes, our friends at Blowfish Designs are so stoked on the podcast that they decided to give 15% off all their handmade hats, not just custom orders. So, if you are a hat nut like me, head over to blowfishdesignsco.com and hit the “shop” link. Enter the promocode ROAMRYDES (one word) when you checkout to get 15% off your very own blowfishdesigns hat made right here in the US of A.

As always, thanks for tuning in, happy shredding out there ladies!