Resiliency and Determination a Theme in Cycling Podcast Episode Rehab.Recover.Repeat.

Emily Haggans

BEND OR — November 16, 2016—   Some stories are as uplifting as they are heart-wrenching. On Roam Rydes, a podcast featuring women with a passion for cycling and a story to tell, we hear the story of Emily Haggans, a pro mechanic, guide, and coach whose life, if charted, has an uncanny resemblance to hill repeats.  

“When we were editing Emily's interview...we couldn't bring ourselves to cut any of it out,” said podcast host Ash Bocast. “We try to stay within that commuter time-frame of roughly 20 minutes per episode, but Emily's story was so powerful, every word of it, we knew we had to tell it from start to finish.”

The episode leads listeners through a non-linear highlight reel of the hardships and challenges Emily has faced as an adventurous spirit with a dark and heavy past. Emily's unexpected and life-altering head injury is the focus of the show, and listeners will get insight on just how bizarre and devastating brain trauma can be.   

Listen here: Rehab.Recover.Repeat featuring Emily Haggans

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